The Picaflor collection is a textile design collection inspired by hummingbirds and flowers from Colombia. Three specific hummingbirds were selected, the Purple-bibbed Whitetip, the Purple-Throated Woodstar and the Sparkling Violetear Hummingbird. A variety of common flowers that hummingbirds are attracted to were also part of the inspiration, including the Hibiscus, Mimosas, Azalea and Lavender. The collection was designed for the womenswear S/S 2017 season, and the motifs as well as the color palettes were inspired by the WGSN report Encounter Culture and the Premiere vision trend analysis report for S/S 2017. These trends describe the use of a vibrant color palette and the inclusion of exotic flora motifs from the Caribbean. Eight patterns were created. Some of them are full of colors and shapes while other are soberer to give the client a wide range of possibilities. The collection is composed of one main pattern, two medium patterns and five coordinates. Additionally, four colorways were designed.